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End Gaza Siege


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:: ONU - XX Assemblea Generale (1965):
La XX Assemblea Generale dell’ONU (1965) dichiara "la legittimità della lotta da parte dei popoli sotto oppressione coloniale, per esercitare il loro diritto all' autodeter-
minazione e all'indipendenza".
Inoltre, l'Assemblea invita "tutti gli Stati a fornire assistenza morale e materiale ai movimenti di liberazione nazionale nei territori coloniali".

:: ONU - Risoluzione 1514
"L'Assemblea Generale dichiara che: la soggezione dei popoli a dominio straniero, conquista e asservimento costituisce una negazione dei diritti umani fondamentali, è contraria alla Carta delle Nazioni Unite ed è un impedimento alla promozione della pace e della cooperazione mondiali.
Tutti i popoli hanno diritto all' autodeter-
minazione; in virtù di tale diritto essi devono liberamente determinare il loro status politico e liberamente perseguire il loro sviluppo economico, sociale e culturale".

:: Convenzione di Ginevra, Protocollo Addizionale I (1977):
La lotta armata può essere usata, come ultima risorsa, come mezzo per esercitare il diritto all' autodeter-

:: Tribunale penale internazionale
In base allo Statuto del Tribunale penale internazionale, sono definiti “crimini di guerra”:
(1) attacchi lanciati intenzionalmente contro popolazione civili in quanto tali o contro civili che non prendano direttamente parte alle ostilità;
(4) attacchi lanciati intenzionalmente nella consapevolezza che gli stessi avranno come conseguenza la perdita di vite umane tra la popolazione civile, e lesioni a civili o danni a proprietà civili ovvero danni diffusi duraturi e gravi all’ambiente naturale che siano manifestamente eccessivi rispetto all’insieme dei concreti e diretti i vantaggi militari previsti.

:: Iraq anthem
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The real delegitimisation: Apartheid Israel targets Palestinian citizens' political activism
Ben White

April 13, 2014 - Last week, Palestinian activist Muhammad Kanaaneh was due to address Tel Aviv University students at an event marking Land Day, a commemoration of the bloody state repression of anti-land expropriation protests in 1976. However, following pressure by right-wing Zionist activists, university authorities stepped in to ban Kanaaneh from delivering his speech on campus. The opposition to Kanaaneh's lecture, including from Members of the Knesset, was on the basis that he was a so-called "convicted terrorist", apparently jailed for "involvement with" or "passing on information to" Hezbolllah. But few bothered to examine the claims being made about Kanaaneh, or look beyond the shouts of 'terrorist'. To do so would be to reveal another side to this affair, beyond the repression of Palestinian political activism at Israeli academic institutions...
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AFRICOM Goes to War on the Sly
U.S. Officials Talk Candidly (Just Not to Reporters) about Bases, Winning Hearts and Minds, and the “War” in Africa

By Nick Turse

April 13, 2014 - What the military will say to a reporter and what is said behind closed doors are two very different things -- especially when it comes to the U.S. military in Africa. For years, U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has maintained a veil of secrecy about much of the command’s activities and mission locations, consistently downplaying the size, scale, and scope of its efforts. At a recent Pentagon press conference, AFRICOM Commander General David Rodriguez adhered to the typical mantra, assuring the assembled reporters that the United States "has little forward presence" on that continent. Just days earlier, however, the men building the Pentagon’s presence there were telling a very different story -- but they weren’t speaking with the media. They were speaking to representatives of some of the biggest military engineering firms on the planet. They were planning for the future and the talk was of war....
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Israel places journalist in incommunicado detention
Ali Abunimah

April 13, 2014 - Israel has arrested and placed in incommunicado detention the journalist and researcher Majd Kayyal, a Palestinian citizen of Israel.
The Electronic Intifada has obtained the closed court transcript and gag order – which Israeli media are strictly forbidden from publishing – extending the detention and interrogation of 23-year-old Kayyal under the auspices of the Shin Bet (also known as Shabak), Israel’s secret police. The original document and a full translation are available below. According to the court document, Kayyal is being investigated for suspicion of "unlawful travel to Arab countries" and "contact with a foreign agent."..
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Israeli forces storm Aqsa compound, injuring 6 worshipers
Ma'an News

April 13, 2014 - Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Sunday morning, attacking worshipers with stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets, as Muslim worshipers braced for raids by right-wing Jewish groups as Passover approaches. Director of Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Omar al-Kiswani told Ma'an that more than 50 Israeli "special forces" stormed the compound through the Moroccan Gate and the Chain Gate during the raid. Al-Kiswani added that Israeli forces "besieged" Muslim worshipers with rubber-coated bullets and stun grenades, and closed the Chain Gate with chains...
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Palestinian man shot, injured by Israeli forces in northern Gaza Strip
Ma'an News

April 13, 2014 -- A Palestinian man was shot by Israeli forces near Erez crossing in the northern Gaza Strip Sunday morning, Palestinian medical and security sources told Ma'an.Israeli soldiers opened fire at Palestinian workers collecting small stones from fields near the border, injuring one in the foot. An Israeli military spokeswoman said that "a crowd gathered in a prohibited area near security fence," and as a result "soldiers tried to distance crowd using riot dispersal means."...

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Syria News - April 12, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

April 12, 2014 - Local coordination committees in Syria on Saturday were able to document 64 martyrs in Syria, including 8 women,5 children and 1 martyr by toxic gases: 34 martyrs in Aleppo,11 martyrs in Damascus and its suburbs, 9 martyrs in Idlib, 4 martyrs in Daraa, 2 in Deir Ezzor, 2 in Hama, and 2 in Homs...
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Erdogan’s quixotic battle against social media
Semih Idiz

April 12, 2014 - Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will not rest until the Internet is fully under government control in Turkey and social media under his feet. He's now signaling his intent to use the strong support his Justice and Development Party (AKP) received in the March 30 local elections to this end....Having rejected the Constitutional Court’s unanimous judgment, which holds that the government’s ban on Twitter must be lifted immediately, Erdogan and his ministers as well as jurist members of the AKP are seeking ways to discredit the opinion....

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120 Jerusalemites arrested by IOF last month, including 40 minors

April 12 ,2014- Human rights data indicated the escalation of Israeli attacks launched against Palestinian citizens of Occupied Jerusalem last March. Brutal violations have been carried out by Israeli institutions targeting the Palestinian native citizens and their holy sites. According to human rights report, 120 Jerusalemites were arrested last march, including 40 minors aged between 13 and 17. The report documented several serious breaches of Israeli and international detention laws during arrest and investigation processes. Several Palestinians have been arrested after having their houses brutally stormed and searched at dawn time, while others were brutally captured from Jerusalem streets and al-Aqsa courtyards without notifying their families of the arrest...
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The real story on Palestine's UN treaties
Daoud Kuttab

April 12, 2014 - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to join some 15 international treaties will not have any major, direct effect on Israel. Despite the Israeli hoopla about the April 1 accession of Palestine to various international treaties, none of the treaties have any direct impact on the status of the occupied territories. Palestine committed itself in these treaties to various human rights conventions as well as laws of war treaties. International jurists argue that these treaties actually place more liabilities on the Palestinian government and have absolutely no effect on Israel and its status as the occupying power....

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Iraqi Sunnis Seek a Say
By Karlos Zurutuza

April 12, 2014 - ...The emergency situation extends to virtually every Sunni area in Iraq. But Fallujah, 60 kilometres west of Baghdad, could well be facing the worst of the unrest.Karama candidate Mohamed Jassim speaks of a mass exodus of civilians from Fallujah to Baghdad and Erbil. The situation in Fallujah, he says, is a "humanitarian catastrophe". "Every main road is blocked and the only way in and out is through secondary roads, and often on foot. The outskirts of the city are under the control of armed gangs but it’s difficult to know whether they are Al-Qaeda fighters or tribal militias because most are masked and carry no emblems."The biggest threat, though, comes from the constant bombings by the Iraqi air force," the 44-year-old candidate tells IPS...
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Giant Poster Challenges Humanity of Drone Operators
Not a Bug Splat |

April 12, 2014 - In military slang, Predator drone operators often refer to kills as 'bug splats’, since viewing the body through a grainy video image gives the sense of an insect being crushed. To challenge this insensitivity as well as raise awareness of civilian casualties, an artist collective installed a massive portrait facing up in the heavily bombed Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa region of Pakistan, where drone attacks regularly occur. Now, when viewed by a drone camera, what an operator sees on his screen is not an anonymous dot on the landscape, but an innocent child victim’s face...
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Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (03 - 09 April 2014)
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)

April 12, 2014 - Summary: Israeli violations of international law and international humanitarian law in the oPt continued during the reporting period (03 – 09 April 2014). Shooting: During the reporting period, Israeli forces wounded 14 Palestinian civilians, including 3 children and a journalist, in the West Bank. In the Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes launched 9 airstrikes at civilian targets and armed groups' training sites in different areas, while Israeli forces committed 4 shooting incidents along the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip. In addition, Israeli navy forces launched 8 attacks against Palestinian fishing boats in the sea. In the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces escalated their attacks. They launched 9 airstrikes in different areas, 2 shooting incidents along the border fence and 8 attacks against Palestinian fishing boats....
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Death and humiliation: The journey of Palestinian workers to Israel
By: Amon al-Sheikh

April 12, 2014 -More than 15 thousand Palestinian workers from the city of Tulkarem and its neighboring villages head to al-Taibi checkpoint that separates them from 1948 Palestine to work at various jobs. Israeli employers do not pay much but Palestinian workers are forced to take a chance because they need to make a living in light of the harsh economic conditions plaguing the West Bank. The workers hold the Palestinian Authority (PA) responsible for their misery. They are not asking for the PA to provide job opportunities, but at least to play a role in organizing the passage of the workers through Israeli checkpoints and to take advantage of its cooperation with the Israeli occupation to end their humiliation. All the PA did was say, through Tulkarem’s governor, that it is following up on the difficulties faced by Palestinian workers....
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Avoiding accountability: Life in Ramleh prison hospital
Tom Anderson and Therezia Cooper

April 12, 2014 - Corporate Watch has been investigating the companies involved in the Israeli prison system and interviewing ex-prisoners. This interview is part of a series of articles to be released over the coming months that we hope will serve as a resource for action against companies providing equipment and services to the Israeli Prison 'Service’ (IPS). Palestinian organisations are calling for action on 17 April, the international day of solidarity for Palestinian political prisoners, against G4S, a British-Danish multinational company working with the IPS, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a major investor in G4S....
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Mỹ Lai and Sy Hersh, a Reappraisal
Clay Claiborne

April 12, 2014 -I made a documentary about the Vietnam War five years ago, Vietnam: American Holocaust. Since I wanted it to be the ultimate Vietnam War documentary, I got the guy who narrated and starred in Apocalypse Now to do the voice-over. I made it because too many educated Americans will tell you 58,000 people died in the Vietnam War, when the real number is closer to three million, give or take 50,000. The tag line I have used to promote the film has been "The Vietnam War was a Mỹ Lai every week."....I have long been of the opinion that the US imperialists, even in their limited wisdom, understood they could never obliterate the people's memory of the many atrocities of the Vietnam War, so they allowed one to become famous, they allowed one to be publicized and prosecuted, in the hopes that the public memory of the generalized and pervasive massacres that was the Vietnam War, would be resolved down to the memory of this one atrocity, and in this they have been largely successful. I believe this is the proper context to view Seymour Hersh's Pulitzer Prizing winning reporting on the Mỹ Lai Massacre....
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Iraqi Prime Minister receives authorisation to use all means to fight 'terrorism' in Fallujah
Middle East Monitor

April 12, 2014 -Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has received authorisation from all parties affiliated to the Shia Iraqi National Alliance to use all means necessary to fight 'terrorism' in Fallujah city in Al-Anbar governorate, a member of the Rule of Law Coalition, Ali Al-Bayani, has said.The Shia Iraqi National Alliance is the largest bloc in the Iraqi parliament and has nominated Al-Maliki for Prime Minister twice. It is made up of the Sadrists, the Supreme Islamic Council, Al-Fadila Bloc, the Reformist National Party and the Rule of Law Coalition, which is headed by Al-Maliki...

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Iraq executes more than 600 Iraqis in four years
Middle East Monitor

April 12, 2014-The Iraqi justice ministry has executed more than 600 "terrorists" in the past four years, the Iraqi justice minister Hassan al-Shimri has said. Speaking publicly in Al-Nasiriyeh City, Al-Shimri said that his ministry was not famous four years ago. However, he reiterated, it has became known to everyone as a result of the execution of "criminal terrorists." He called this "an achievement" for his ministry. Al-Shimri noted that the "terrorists" used to completely control the reformatory prisons and run their operations from inside....

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Palestinian political prisoners pay the price of freedom
Jamal Hussein

April 12, 2014-The issue of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees held in Israeli jails continues to inflame the Palestinian public. Numerous events and activities take place throughout the occupied Palestinian territories, mainly in Gaza, to show solidarity with the prisoners in their call for freedom and in their demands to improve conditions inside. The Palestinian ministry of detainee affairs says that more than 5,000 Palestinians are being held in Israeli jails across 23 prisons and detention centres, many of them without trial or charge, under administrative detention, a military procedure which allows suspects to be held without charge indefinitely. Some of the prisoners have spent nearly 30 years locked up because of their struggle against the Israelis and their support for their cause for national liberation...
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Protests in Libya’s capital cause fuel crisis
Associated Press

April 12, 2014 -Tripoli, Libya: The Libyan government has blamed a fuel crisis in the country’s capital on protests that have blocked the roads to the main western oil terminal, leaving gas stations without new supplies. On Friday, protesters used piles of sand to block all roads to the Zawiya port, demanding early parliamentary and presidential elections, and increased security in the country’s restive east. The government condemned the protesters’ actions as "unacceptable" and said that oil tankers were in Zawiya port ready to be unloaded...

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Iraq Sunni Leader Survives Attack By Government Forces
Middle East Events

April 12, 2014-Dr. Saleh Mutlaq, chairman of Iraq’s Al Arabiya Coalition and currently deputy prime minister of Iraq, survived an armed attack on his convoy at the entrance to the al Anbar governorate this morning. One of Dr. Saleh’s bodyguards was seriously injured, as were two soldiers with the 9th Division of the Iraqi Army, which initiated fire against Mutlaq’s convoy. State-controlled Iraqi news stations are reporting that Mutlaq was attacked by armed insurgents and was rescued by the military. Eyewitnesses and members of Mutlaq’s security detail challenge this characterization and assert that uniformed members of the 9th Division of the Iraqi Army opened fire on the deputy prime minister’s convoy at 150 meters...
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Innocent truck driver tells of ordeal at Afghanistan's Bagram jail

April 12, 2014 - Pakistani truck driver Umran Khan spent nine years in Afghanistan's Bagram prison, where he says he suffered beatings, sleep deprivation and a sustained campaign of mental disintegration despite committing no crime. Accused with a friend of transporting bombs in 2005, he has maintained his innocence - and an official record shows his captors suspected the same.Now the 32-year-old, one of six Pakistanis released last November, has spoken out against his treatment at Bagram in a case that rights groups say underlines the need for more scrutiny of the prison. Opened in 2002, it has often been compared to Guantanamo Bay. The Afghan authorities took over the jail, renamed Parwan, last year. But the US remains in charge of foreigners, including about 34 Pakistanis...

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Palestinians join Geneva Conventions on war: Switzerland

April 12, 2014 - The Palestinian Authority has signed up formally to the Geneva Conventions, which set down the rules of warfare and humanitarian operations in conflict zones, the treaties' guardian Switzerland confirmed Friday. Swiss foreign ministry spokesman Pierre-Alain Eltschinger told AFP that the Palestinian Authority had declared itself party to the conventions on April 2. This was registered formally by Switzerland on Thursday, he added. The step is part of a new diplomatic drive by Mahmud Abbas, the Palestinian president, coming as peace talks with Israel are close to collapse...
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Israeli Security Services Arrest Israeli Palestinian Journalist, Activist; Israeli Media Under Gag
Richard Silverstein

April 12, 2014 - I received an urgent message from Jamil Dakwar of the ACLU that Palestinian journalist and political activist, Majd Kayyal, age 22, was arrested on his return to Israel from a trip to Lebanon and Jordan. I’ve checked with an Israeli source who tells me he was arrested as a national security suspect. The combination of his trip to Lebanon, where he attended an event celebrating the 40th anniversary of As-Safir (considered a pro-Hezbollah publication), his participation in a 2011 flotilla voyage to break the Gaza siege, and his activist role in Adalah (where he was the website editor) and Balad (Hebrew), made him a ready target...
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More than 3,000 runners compete in second Palestine Marathon
By Jan Walraven

April 12, 2014 - Under the banner of "Right to Movement," about 3,000 runners competed in the second Palestine Marathon on Friday 11 April, starting and finishing at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Representing 39 countries, competitors had the option of choosing between 10 km, 21 km or the full marathon, 42.195 km. Although a success in terms of attendance, the event was overshadowed by Israel’s refusal to grant Palestinian Olympian, Nader Al-Masri, permission to travel to Bethlehem from Gaza. The Palestine Marathon is organized to raise awareness about the restricted freedom of movement in Gaza and the West Bank. The Israeli refusal directly demonstrated the challenges Palestinians regularly face....
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Israeli forces declare Nabi Saleh 'military zone,' injure 2 people
Ma'an News

April 12, 2014 - -- Israeli forces surrounded the central West Bank village of Nabi Saleh and declared it a "closed military zone" on Saturday, subsequently injuring two Palestinian civilians, a local group said. The attack by Israeli forces comes a day after Israeli forces detained five -- including two Palestinian women and three foreign journalists -- and lightly injured a French journalist during a protest in the village, which has held weekly protests for four years against Israeli confiscation of village lands....

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Israeli forces detain Hebron man after settlers invade his home
Ma'an News

April 12, 2014 -- Israeli forces detained a Palestinian man on Saturday evening after he tried to defend his family from a home invasion by Jewish settlers in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, a local activist group said.
Mofid Sharbati, 46, was detained by Israeli forces after a group of settlers entered his home on Shuhada street in central Hebron, coordinator for Youth against Settlements Issa Amro said. His brother Zidan Sharbati was wounded during the incident, which began when Jewish settlers entered their homes and began beating the brothers as well as members of their families....

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Syria News - April 11, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

April 11, 2014 - By the end of Friday the Coordination Committees were able to document 74 martyrs in Syria including 3 women, 6 children, 2 martyrs under torture and 6 martyrs by toxic gases: 25 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs; 23 in Aleppo; 10 in Deir Ezzor; 8 in Daraa; 6 in Idlib; 1 in Hama and Homs...
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Young Palestinian dad died from Israeli torture, forensic expert says
Ali Abunimah

April 11, 2014 - An internationally renowned expert on torture says that evidence confirms that a young Palestinian died of injuries he sustained in Israeli custody due to torture.Arafat Jaradat, a 33-year-old father of two, died on 23 February 2013 in Israel’s Megiddo Prison where he was being interrogated by the Shin Bet secret police.As Haaretz reported, Jaradat was arrested on the night of 18 February 2013 on suspicion that he had thrown stones and a Molotov cocktail at Israeli occupation forces: "It was a bit after midnight and everyone in the house – he himself, his wife Dalal, his four-year-old daughter Yaara and two-year-old son Mohammed – was sleeping, as was his brother Mohammed, who lives in the same building. The soldiers, ten or 12 of them, burst into the home and behaved with rare courtesy. They asked for identity cards and when Arafat gave them his, they told him to say goodbye to his family and come with them for detention. His small children, Yaara and Mohammed, clung to his legs but the soldiers promised them their father would be home soon."...
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Obama's War on Immigrants
by Stephen Lendman

April 11, 2014 -Obama exceeds the worst of his predecessors. He governs lawlessly. He does so multiple ways. He targets humanity globally. He does so at home. He's waging racist war on immigrants. He mocks notions of welcoming tired, poor, wretched masses yearning to breathe free.He enforces white supremacist policies. Poor, desperate arrivals aren't welcome. People of color are scorned. America never was beautiful. For sure it's not now. Obama reflects the worst of rogue leadership. He deported larger immigrant numbers than all his predecessors combined...
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Iraqi secularists under attack ahead of elections
Ali Mamouri

April 11, 2014 - Kadhem al-Haeri, a cleric who has close ties with the Islamic Dawa Party and the Iranian regime, issued a fatwa March 30 banning the election of secular candidates in the upcoming elections. Large banners were hung in many areas of Baghdad and included a picture of the marja (spiritual guide) and the signature of the party’s office. The banners read: "It is forbidden to elect secular candidates." The banners, hung late in March, are still present in some areas in Baghdad....

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Disenfranchised: Iraq’s Anbar Province Treated Like a Territory
Govt Excludes Anbar From Official Data on Violence

by Jason Ditz

April 11, 2014 - There are plenty of examples of governments around the world treating parts of their land as territorial possessions with fewer rights than traditional provinces or states. Getting the franchise for statehood is a big step for those regions, and it’s virtually unheard of to lose it. Yet that seems to be what is happening in Iraq’s Anbar Province, where the central government is treating it less and less like an equal province and more like a tribal frontier where locals enjoy fewer rights....
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"Off With His Head": Court Upholds Obama's Power to Kill
The Real News Network

April 11, 2014 -....Well, you know, I think about drone killings a lot. And I think I have a new name for Obama. You know, you remember all those Shakespeare plays you read, and then you remember Alice of Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts always saying, "Off with your head" or Queen Margaret in, I think, Henry VIII, off with your head. The name for Obama should be, Off With Your Head, and then Person Gets Droned to Death. That's apparently what it takes now or all it takes now is to get an American citizen killed when he is overseas or she is overseas. And the case that brings that to mind is one that my office, the Center for Constitutional Rights, brought together with the ACLU...
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What It Portends
The Crisis of Liberal Zionism


April 11, 2014 -....As Zionists, liberal Zionists too would like Israel to incorporate all of Palestine. But since that is morally and politically impossible, and since, as liberals, they want liberal principles affirmed too, they moderate their Zionist ambitions. There is nothing else they can do.They are loath, however, to concede territory, and therefore inclined to accept at least some of the settlements established since 1967 – if need be, in exchange for land within Israel’s pre-1967 borders that still have substantial Arab populations and that Zionists care about less.The details were worked out a long time ago – in negotiations that began even before the handshake on the White House lawn marked the beginning of the Oslo period. Those negotiations continued throughout the nineties, culminating in meetings held in Camp David and in Saba in Egypt in the final days of the Clinton administration.....
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Syria Protests April 11, 2014 : A Video Roundup

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Palestinians accuse Israel of ‘piracy’ for withholding tax money
Associated Press with additional reporting by Reuters

April 11, 2014- The Palestinian negotiator in peace talks with Israel said on Friday that the Israeli decision to stop tax money transfers to the territories was "piracy". Israel collects about US$100 million (Dh360.7m) a month in taxes for the Palestinians and said it would withhold the money to punish them for pushing to sign up for more recognition from international agencies and treaties. Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator, said that "the Israeli decision to withhold these funds is piracy. ... It cannot be maintained". He also said talks persist, though "gaps remain big." The talks have teetered since Israel failed to release Palestinian prisoners as promised and moved forward with more settlements in land Palestinians want for their future capital...
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The Prime Minister Held Captive
The Zionist Lobby Under Fire in Oz


April 11, 2014 -Australians have been witness to a remarkable conflict in recent days in which their former Foreign Minister Bob Carr denounced the Jewish Lobby and his former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, over the whole series of questions re Australian policy and the demands of Israel and the local Jewish Lobby.Nothing quite like it has ever been seen or heard before in Australia.Carr has just published his dairy as Foreign Minister during 2013.He came to that office in the last year of a sorely troubled Labor Government inheriting the job from Kevin Rudd,a former Prime Minister who took over the Foreign Minister’s portfolio after he, Rudd ,was deposed as P.M ,but then resigned after more turmoil in the Labor Party...
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Remember Tom
International Solidarity Movement

April 11, 2014- The International Solidarity Movement today remembers Tom Hurndall, an ISM volunteer who was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper in Gaza. This terrible injury left Tom in a coma for nine months and he died January 13th 2004, at the age of 22. 11 years ago today, the Israeli army were invading the city of Rafah, in the Gaza Strip when Tom and other ISM volunteers saw a group of children in a street where snipers were firing. Witnesses say that bullets were being shot around the children, who were paralysed by fear and unable to move. Tom succeeded in pulling one child to safety, but when he returned for another, he was shot in the head by a sniper...

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Shocking Silence on the Rohingya
An Open Letter to Aung San Suu Kyi


April 11, 2014 -...Since my assumption is that you have totally forgotten about the Rohingya populace of your own country (again, you’re very busy, I know that), allow me to remind you a little bit about them. They happen to be Burmese citizens. They are one of the most persecuted communities in the world; the United Nations describes them as "friendless", and they would have gladly contributed to Myanmar’s GDP, if only they weren’t being massacred. On a sidenote, they also happen to have a religion that’s different from the majority of Burmese folks, and this is why they are being killed. Basically, Myanmar wants to eliminate the Rohingya people from its territory, and Bangladesh does not consider itself accountable for foreign refugees.Still unsure? Well, here is something that will refresh your memory. One can blame a lot many people for the destruction and genocide of the Rohingya people, but that’s an altogether different story. My question is, why are you silent?...
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A Symptom of a Larger Problem
Rumsfeld Personifies Our Society


April 11, 2014 - When Donald Rumsfeld used to hold press conferences about the Iraq war, the press corps would giggle at the clever ways in which he refused to actually say anything or answer any questions.In a new film about Rumsfeld called The Unknown Knowns, the aging criminal is occasionally confronted with evidence that what he’s just said is false. He maintains a frozen grin and acts as if nothing has happened. The film’s director, interviewing Rumsfeld, never presses the truly uncomfortable points.The closest the film comes to asking Rumsfeld about the wrongness of launching a war on Iraq is with the question "Wouldn’t it have been better not to go there at all?" Not "Wasn’t it illegal?" Not "Do you believe 1.4 million Iraqis were killed or only 0.5 million?" Not "When you sleep at your home at the Mt. Misery plantation where they used to beat and whip slaves like Frederick Douglass how do you rank the mass slaughter you engaged in against the crimes of past eras?" Not "Was it at least inappropriate to smirk and claim that 'freedom is untidy’ while people were destroying a society?" And to the only question that was asked, Rumsfeld is allowed to get away with replying "I guess time will tell."...
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Leaked Report: CIA Lied, Lied, Lied to Conceal 'Brutal' Torture
Sarah Lazare,

April 11, 2014 -Key findings of a still-classified Senate Intelligence Committee investigative report reveal that the CIA lied to lawmakers, the media, and the U.S. public about widespread torture as it concealed the brutality of its interrogation methods and the number of people subjected to them. This is according to a Thursday report from McClatchy News Service, which obtained 20 main conclusions (PDF) of the 6,300-page Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA's detention and interrogation program. These conclusions are entirely new to the public record....
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Failure to launch: Why the peace talks never succeed
Shatha Khalil

April 11, 2014-Direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine began on July 29, 2013. Backed by the US, the framework agreement for Middle East peace has been in the making for nine months. The deadline for the talks is fast approaching and there has been no agreement as to whether or not an extension past the April 29 cut-off currently set will go ahead.To date, a number of clauses have been discussed during the US' bid to attain peace between the warring sides, yet none have been agreed upon as the two sides hold firm to their demands.One of the most contentious issues during negotiations has been Israel's insistence at being recognised as a "Jewish State". Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called this issue the biggest single obstacle to an accord and has made it the central point in his talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry...
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An anxious BICOM misrepresents negotiations breakdown
Ben White

April 11, 2014 - Prominent UK-based Israel lobby group BICOM (Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre) is worried. Not only are BDS campaigns on the up - prompting the publication of a booklet on the 'Apartheid Smear' - but the Kerry-led negotiations are in deep trouble. Why is that a problem for BICOM? Because in the UK, where the reality of Israeli human rights abuses is an accepted fact among many parliamentarians, NGOs and commentators, one of the remaining obstacles to the accelerated isolation of Israel is the peace process....
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FBI Agents Were Deployed in Hundreds of JSOC Raids Conducted in Iraq & Afghanistan
By: Kevin Gosztola

April 11, 2014 - The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) formed an alliance with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and deployed agents in hundreds of raids conducted as part of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a report from The Washington Post. Journalists Adam Goldman and Julie Tate reported that JSOC, an elite military unit which retired General Barry McCaffrey has referred to as the "most dangerous people on the face of the earth," used the FBI to exploit "digital media and other materials to locate insurgents and detect plots, including any against the United States." In return, the FBI "could preserve evidence and maintain a chain of custody should any suspect be transferred to the United States for trial." ..
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New revelations mean Government must clarify whether British territory was used to torture

April 11, 2014 - In response to new reports that the CIA ran a torture 'black-site’ on the British territory of Diego Garcia - something the UK government has consistently denied - legal charity Reprieve has written to the Foreign Secretary asking him to clarify exactly how the island was used. Earlier this week, Al Jazeera reported that the Senate Intelligence Select Committee had found "that the CIA detained some high-value suspects on Diego Garcia, an Indian Ocean island controlled by the United Kingdom and leased to the United States," adding that, "classified CIA documents say the black site arrangement at Diego Garcia was made with the "full cooperation" of the British government." ...

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Amira Hass predicts Israel’s ‘colonial project’ will eventually fail–but at what cost?
Alex Kane

April 11, 2014 - Amira Hass’ dispatches from Palestine for Haaretz do not usually invoke hope. In the past few months, Hass has chronicled the Israeli military’s point-blank execution of Muataz Washaha; Israel’s confiscation of playground equipment for Bedouin children near Jerusalem; and Israel’s theft of vital water resources that Palestinians need. Given that Hass is the only Israeli correspondent who witnesses day in and day out the grind of occupation and dispossession in Palestine, it makes perfect sense that her columns and news reports spark despair and anger in readers. But on Wednesday night, at Columbia University, she gave the audience some reason for hope...
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Florida university president who condemned boycott has financial ties to settlements
Omar Erchid

April 11, 2014 -Students and faculty members at the University of South Florida (USF) are speaking out on President Judy Genshaft’s condemnation of the boycott of Israeli academia. Critics of Genshaft say her stance is colored by her extensive ties to Israel and financial interests in the country, suggesting a possible conflict of interest. They have also pointed to Genshaft’s poor record on academic freedom, undermining her appeals to that principle. Genshaft began the 2014 year condemning the American Studies Association’s (ASA) call for an academic boycott of Israeli institutions, describing the resolution as "antithetical to the core values of academic freedom" and "improper...
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PHOTOS: Publicly remembering the Deir Yassin massacre
By Activestills

April 11, 2014 - Jewish Israeli, Palestinian, and international activists carried three black panels bearing some 100 names through the streets of what is now the Givat Shaul neighborhood of West Jerusalem on Thursday. They marched to commemorate the massacre and displacement of the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin by Zionist militias 66 years ago on April 9, 1948. Organized by the Israeli organization Zochrot, whose name means "remembering," the event memorialized those killed and recounted the village’s history to Israeli passers-by, who were at times curious, indifferent and hostile....
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Israeli forces injure 5 medics after 'targeting' Gaza ambulance
Ma'an News

April 11, 2014 -- Five Palestinian medics suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation after Israeli forces fired a tear gas canister at their ambulance in the northern Gaza Strip, a medical official said.Spokesman for the Gaza Strip ministry of health Ashraf al-Qidra said that Israeli forces had "targeted" three military ambulances near the Eastern Cemetery east of Jabaliya.The five medics were treated on the scene, he added. The circumstances of the reported attack were not immediately clear...
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Syria News - April 10 , 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

April 10 , 2014 - By the end of Wednesday the Coordination Committees were able to document 131 martyrs in Syria including 4 women, 6 children and 7 martyrs under torture: 60 martyrs were reported in Deir Ezzor; 25 in Aleppo; 21 in Damascus and its suburbs; 9 in Hama; 6 in Homs; 5 martyrs in Daraa; 3 in Idlib; and 2 martyr in Qunaitra...Deir Ezzor: Boukmal: Ahmad Eid Al-Ashaab, Adnan Al-Shami, Mohammad Daham Al-Debes, Fares Al-Jarrah, Essa Said Al-Kassar, Soraqa Al-Aran, Bader Ramadan Hmoud Al-Hajjei, Zaid Barakat Al-Matar, Yamen Al-Jalal Al-Rameel, Ghanem Al-Baher, Essam Al-Samran, Ali Hmoud Al-Asman, Mohammad Al-Atiyeh, Yousef Sobhi Al-Nawaf, Mohammad Jasem Al-Nukhailan, Hamad Al-Mohammad, Hassan Al-Jasem, Ghadeer Al-Baghooz, and Abdulkareem Al-Kurdi were martyred in clashes with ISIS in the city...
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Interview: Nadia Abu El-Haj on archaeology and the Zionist project
By Alex Shams

April 10, 2014- In early January, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced that it would begin excavation on an archaeological site inside a Jewish settlement near the heart of Hebron's old city. The announcement sparked outrage among many who viewed the move as an attempt to legitimize the presence of illegal settlements in the center of the flashpoint southern West Bank city.Since then, Israeli authorities have also moved forward on plans for a Jewish history theme park in the Palestinian East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan...
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Military Resistance 12D7 - Hope
Thomas F Barton

April 10, 2014 - After flying helicopters in Vietnam for 30 months, Perry Parks couldn’t stop the panicked dreams."I was flying through wires all the time, and I never hit the wire," said Parks, 71, a retired military commander from Rockingham, N.C. "I’m a helicopter pilot, so wires scare the hell out of you." Parks, who has post-traumatic stress disorder, said he took sleeping pills for years after he retired. Then he found a more satisfying alternative: two or three bong hits at least three times a day."I don’t have the dreams anymore," he said. Faced with a skyrocketing suicide rate in their ranks, many of the nation’s veterans hope that marijuana will be their salve.Federal officials and veterans groups estimate that nearly 31 percent of Vietnam
veterans and 20 percent of returning service members from Iraq and Afghanistan are grappling with PTSD...
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Leading International Forensic Pathologist: Palestinian Detainee Arafat Jaradat Was Tortured, Which Led To His Death In Israeli Custody
Committee Against Torture in Israel and Al-Haq

April 10, 2014 - Arafat-Shalish-Shahin-JaradatIn advance of an Israeli Magistrate Court hearing in the matter of Mr. Jaradat, due to take place today, Dr. Sebnem Korur Fincanci, an internationally recognized expert in Forensic Pathology, is providing her expert opinion to the Court. According Dr. Fincanci's findings, Arafat Jaradat was severely beaten while in detention, resulting in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, which caused his death in Israeli custody on 23 February 2013. Background Following Mr. Jaradat's death: "At the [Israeli] National Center for Forensic Medicine, an autopsy was performed on the body of Arafat Jaradat by Prof. Yehuda Hiss, in the presence of Prof. Arnon Afek, Director of the Health Administration at the Ministry of Health, and Palestinian pathologist Dr. Saber Aloul." (From: Israel Ministry of Health statement)...
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State Dep’t tries to clean up Kerry’s ‘Poof’
Philip Weiss

April 10, 2014 -In yesterday’s press briefing at the State Department, Jen Psaki sought to undo Secretary of State John Kerry’s "Poof" remark, in which Kerry laid the chief blame for the breakdown in negotiations at the feet of the Israelis, for announcing new settlements in Jerusalem. Psaki said that both sides were to blame for the breakdown. But at minute 6, Matt Lee of AP says that Kerry did blame the Israelis, and their fault was failure to release prisoners...
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5 killed as Shiite rebels press 'advance' on Yemen capital
The Daily Star

April 10, 2014 - Shiite rebels believed to be seeking to advance on Yemen's capital have attacked an army post in a neighbouring city, killing three soldiers and losing two of their own, tribal sources said Thursday. The Zaidi rebels, also known as Ansarullah or Huthis, carried out the attack in Amran, 50 kilometres (31 miles) north of Sanaa, late on Wednesday, tribal sources said.
Military sources have said their objective was to seize Amran and, from there, lay siege to the capital. ...
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‘There’s a lot of anti-Semitism out there’ — Johansson reviews her role as ‘new face of apartheid’
Philip Weiss

April 10, 2014 - Ynet reports: "Scarlett Johansson says anti-Semitism behind criticism of SodaStream endorsement" American Jewish actress Scarlett Johansson believes anti-Semitism is to blame for much of the fire she drew earlier this year over her endorsement of Israeli company SodaStream, which operates a factory in the West Bank. "There’s a lot of anti-Semitism out there," Johansson told Vanity Fair, in an interview for the cover of their May edition. Johansson stuck with SodaStream when the endorsement became controversial in January. She ended up resigning her position with Oxfam...
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The “peace process” and the future of Palestine (Video)
Ali Abunimah

April 10, 2014 - On 9 April, I spoke at the Palestine Center in Washington DC about my new book The Battle for Justice in Palestine. My 30-minute presentation followed by a question-and-answer session can be seen in the video above. The discussion included the past and future of the "peace process," including the recent efforts of US Secretary of State John Kerry, Israel’s "right to exist as a Jewish state," the role of the Israel lobby in attempts to suppress debate on and off campus, neoliberalism and the Palestinian Authority and future directions for Palestine...
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WATCH: Bringing Israelis face to face with Gaza closure
By Tania Hary

April 10, 2014- Any illusions that Israel’s policy on Gaza is only about security surely should have been dispelled by the events of this week. Israel’s highest court struck down the petition of Gaza’s only Olympian runner, Nader al-Masri, who had asked to be able to travel to Bethlehem to race in the second annual Palestine Marathon. Ironically enough, the marathon is meant to be a celebration of freedom of movement. The state rejected Nader’s request to travel as it didn’t conform to the army’s criteria. Namely it wasn’t considered humanitarian enough and because allowing access for plain old professional opportunities runs counter to "the separation policy." ...
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Islamic Jihad gains support in Gaza as Hamas declines
Rasha Abou Jalal

April 10, 2014- Despite the general harmony between Hamas and Islamic Jihad on political positions involving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a rivalry exists behind the scenes. The two compete to attract Islamist supporters and appear to the public as the group best suited to achieve the aspirations and hopes of the Palestinian people.These Islamist movements use various methods to garner support, such as mass mobilizations, donating food and money to the poor, proselytizing and insisting on such Palestinian constants as the importance of Jerusalem and the right of return of the refugees. In general, they aim to fulfill the public’s wishes...

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Identifying the Sources for Hersh’s “Insurgents’ Chemical Weapons Attacks”
Scott Lucas

Last weekend, journalist Seymour Hersh (pictured) published his second attempt to pin last August’s chemical weapons attacks on insurgents, rather than the Assad regime. We have dissected Hersh’s "evidence", such as the "Russian intelligence" that the attack’s chemical toxins could not have come from the Assad regime and the journalist’s distorted presentation of "homemade rockets". Others such as Eliot Higgins, Dan Kaszeta, and Aaron Stein have also taken apart Hersh’s theory and assertions... However, the veteran reporter is firmly standing behind his story. So who are his sources?..
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In Libya, politicians in fear of powerful militias
MAGGIE MICHAEL Associated Press

April 10, 2014 — In a humiliating video, Libya's top politician — the head of parliament — is seen begging with a militia commander, trying to explain to him why he was caught with two women in his residence and insisting nothing scandalous was going on. "In God's name," Nouri Abu Sahmein tells the militiaman, Haitham al-Tajouri. "I'm hiding nothing from you, Haitham." Visibly afraid, Abu Sahmein tells him the women claimed to have "sensitive information" at a time he has received tips about a cell plotting to assassinate him. "I want to close this all up, but I want to understand. I am not a fool," the militia commander replies, speaking from off camera...
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Israel Says It Is ‘Deeply Disappointed’ by Kerry’s Remarks on Peace Talks

April 10, 2014 - In an unusually pointed rebuke of an ally, Israel said on Wednesday that it was "deeply disappointed" by Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks a day earlier that appeared to lay primary blame on Israel for the crisis in the American-brokered Middle East peace talks. The Israeli-Palestinian dispute that has brought the talks to the brink of collapse appeared to be developing into an open quarrel between Israel and the United States, even as Israeli and Palestinian negotiators were said to be planning a third meeting here this week with American mediators to try to resolve the crisis.
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Sergeant Blackman’s Heart of Darkness
Matt Carr

April 10, 2014 - ....One of these episodes occurred when audio camera footage was released last month describing how four Marines in Helmand province executed a wounded Taliban insurgent in 2011, who had been shot by a helicopter in a firefight shortly beforehand.The images are not shown, and not all of the audio has been released, according to ITV News, because it was apparently too 'inflammatory’, but the fragments that were presented to the public are bad enough. In it, the four Marines can be heard jokily agreeing to kill their prisoner, chuckling about it as they deliberate whether to shoot him in the head or the chest, waiting till the helicopter is out of sight, and then contemptuously dispatching him with a quote from Shakespeare...
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Iraq - Nouri al-Maliki's 'success': at least 76 dead, 34 injured
The Common Ills

April 10, 2014 - How many more people will Nouri al-Maliki be allowed to kill? How many more War Crimes will he get away with? His continued bombing of the residential neighborhoods of Falluja (a War Crime) continue to leave people dead and injured. National Iraqi News Agency reports 5 civilians ("including a child") died from the bombings with fourteen more injured. Meanwhile, Nouri's ordered the same bombings in Ramadi and NINA reports people are fleeing their homes, being rendered refugees, as a result. He's also begun bombing sections of Baghdad ...
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GA Poised To Greatly Expand Predatory Private Probation Industry -- Unless You Call Now
Bruce A. Dixon

April 10, 2014 - HB 837 creates a dark zone, specifically shielding local governments and the privatizers from revealing how much money is actually remitted to local governments, how much they keep for themselves, how many cases they handle...” A bill passed by both houses of the state legislature, landed on the desk of Georgia governor Nathan Deal last weekend. Georgia House Bill 837 is reportedly the result of about $500,000 in lobbying expenses by a single company, Sentinel Offender Services, the new law greatly expands the profitability and the impact of these predatory private probation companies upon the lives of poor families in Georgia.
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Israel to confiscate Palestinian land to build sewage plant
Middle East Monitor

April 10, 2014 -The Israeli Civil Administration is planning to confiscate 180 dunums (180,000 square metres) of private Palestinian land belonging to the residents of the villages of Ein Yabrud and Silwad near the West Bank city of Ramallah to build a sewage treatment plant to serve the Mateh Binyamin settlement bloc. Several years ago the villages' residents petitioned against the project taking their case to the Israeli High Court through the Yesh Din organisation. The court ruled on their side, but Israeli media revealed today that the Israeli Civil Administration was planning to confiscate the land despite the court's decision...
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FBI Thinks Whistleblowers Should ‘Register’ So They’re Not Targeted by Insider Threat Program
By: Kevin Gosztola

April 10, 2014 - The Whistleblower Protection Act 1989 was passed by Congress twenty-five years ago, and to mark this anniversary Senator Chuck Grassley delivered a speech on the Senate floor. He gave particular attention to the abysmal reality that United States intelligence agency employees still lack meaningful protection. Special attention was paid to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for its fierce resistance to protecting whistleblowers or allowing Congress to conduct oversight of how they refuse to allow whistleblowers to enjoy protection...
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Israeli minister calls for annexing West Bank
Middle East Monitor

April 10, 2014- Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett has announced the death of the peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and called upon Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "extend sovereignty over the West Bank". He noted that this would be in response to the "unilateral measures taken [by the PA] after the stalemate of the peace talks." The PA signed a letter of accession for 15 international bodies, though many believe the move is symbolic, it has angered Israel....

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Tens of thousands of Palestinians without water for over a month
Middle East Monitor

April 10, 2014- Some 55,000 Palestinians in the Shuafat refugee camp and the neighbourhoods of Ras El-Khaimah, Ras Shehadeh, Al-Awqaf and Daheyet As-Salam in East Jerusalem have had no water for over a month after the Israeli Gihon water company cut off the water supply without notice. Coordinator of the National Committee to Resist Judaisation Khader Dibs told the Saffa news site today that the water crisis is worsening by the day and could lead to the spread of diseases and that the residents are forced to buy water tanks to meet their needs. "The Israeli government practices organised terrorism against the Palestinian people in general and against Jerusalemites in particular to force them to leave the city for settlers and since Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to power he has been exercising racism, murder and destruction of the Palestinians rights," Dibs said...
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Resistance...The road to restoring the rights of the Palestinian people
Farouk Al-Kaddoumi

April 10, 2014 -The Palestinian cause is going through a crucial time in history due to the successive events in the region and the results of the Arab Spring and, more importantly, due to Israel's acts of organised terrorism against the Palestinian people and the massacres it has and continues to commit, against the Palestinian cities, villages, and refugee camps, in addition to the unjust siege imposed on our steadfast people in the Gaza Strip. However, despite the fact that the resistance has made prominent political achievements that have influenced Israeli society, it has also raised anxiety and fear amid the Israelis...
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Why 'Jewish state' demand is a non-starter
Yousef Munayyer

April 10, 2014 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demands Palestinians recognise Israel as "a Jewish state" and US President Barack Obama, who used this language in his state of the union address, signalled US support for this position. This is disastrous for the prospects for peace and not something the Palestinians can or should ever accept. Here is why. First, the PLO accepted the Israeli demand to recognise the State of Israel decades ago and Israel never reciprocated with recognition of the State of Palestine or its right to exist. Now, while still denying self-determination to Palestinians, Israel demands recognition "as a Jewish state" not from the world but only from Palestinians. Israel does not want to formally change its name to "the Jewish State of Israel" which would allow it to join an elite group of theocracies like the Islamic Republic of Iran. It only wants Palestinians to accept it as such. Why?....
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Israel to confiscate vast area of Bethlehem village land
Ma'an News

April 10, 2014 - Israeli authorities on Thursday morning announced a decision to confiscate about 1,000 dunams (250 acres) of private Palestinian land in the town of al-Khader south of Bethlehem. Deputy mayor of al-Khader Ismail Issa told Ma’an that high-level Israeli military commanders and Civil Administration officers along with a group of settlers toured private Palestinian fields in areas known locally as Khallat al-Fahm, al-Zaytouna and al-Absiyya...

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Israeli forces tear down tents housing displaced families near Nablus
Ma'an News

April 10, 2014 -- Israeli forces on Thursday tore down and confiscated several tents that the Palestinian Red Crescent had erected east of Nablus in order to house families whose houses were demolished by Israeli forces a few days before, a Palestinian official said. Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian Authority official who monitors settlement-related activities in the northern West Bank, told Ma'an that several Israeli military vehicles raided the al-Jawana area between the villages of Tana and Beit Furik Thursday morning and pulled down four tents. He explained that the tents were donated by the Palestinian Red Crescent Association and had served as temporary dwellings for Palestinian families...
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Syria News - April 9, 2014 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Local Coordinating Committees of Syria

April 9, 2014 - By the end of Tuesday the Coordination Committees were able to document 62 martyrs in Syria including 3 women, 12 children and 6 martyrs under torture: 28 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs; 11 in Hasaka; 9 in Aleppo; 5 in Daraa; 5 in Idlib; 3 martyrs in Homs; and 1 martyr in Deir Ezzor....
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Freedom riders on the move in Palestine
Mark LeVine

April 9, 2014 - Five hundred packs of L&M. As far as I could tell, that was the number of cigarette packs, all the same brand, that lay strewn like a dystopian art installation on the bunk above Zakaria Zbaidi's bed in the prison wing of the Palestinian Authority Police Academy in Ramallah. He was no stranger to prison. By the time he was 20 he'd been shot by Israeli forces, spent over five years in an Israeli prison, and was one of the most wanted fighters in the West Bank. Then, in 2006, Israeli agreed to amnesty Zbaidi along with other brigade members in return for a pledge to stop all violent resistance. Zbaidi had previously been transformed from a militant fighter to cultural warrior as co-founder of the Jenin Freedom Theatre, a group of artists who organised Freedom Bus rides...
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Netanyahu Declares War on Palestine
by Stephen Lendman

April 9, 2014 - He's a world class thug. He represents the worst of rogue state leadership. He exceeds Sharonian evil. Why Israelis put up with him they'll have to explain. He's militantly racist. He deplores peace. He thrives on violence and instability. He blames Palestinians for Israeli crimes.He calls sham peace talks legitimate ones. They've been stillborn decades. They remain so now. Netanyahu wants Palestinians denied all rights. He wants them cowed into submission. He wants his rules enforced. Palestinians have no legitimate peace partner. They never did. For sure not now. They're on their own like always. Israel spurns equity and justice. Occupation harshness persists...
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Inside a Guantanamo parole hearing
By Liz Goodwin

April 9, 2014 -- On Tuesday morning, a 34-year-old Yemeni, locked up in the Guantanamo Bay military prison for a third of his life without being charged, was given a chance to argue for his release. The detainee, Ghaleb Nassar al-Bihani, listened intently to the government’s summary of his case in an air-conditioned trailer on the Cuban military base Tuesday morning. Reporters could observe portions of the proceedings by video in a Defense Department building in Arlington, Va. Flanked by a civilian lawyer and a Navy officer, the bearded al-Bihani nervously shuffled papers on the desk in front of him as an anonymous government representative told him he had "almost certainly" been a member of al-Qaida, and would re-engage in extremist activities if he were released. His lawyer countered that he was a kitchen aide for the Taliban who never fought in battle and wanted to start a new life in Latin America or Europe...

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Lack of funding threatens aid response in Iraq's Anbar Province
IRIN news

April 9, 2014 - Funding shortages are threatening relief operations in Iraq's troubled Anbar Province, where violent clashes have led to the displacement of more than 400,000 people in three months, aid agencies warn. "UN agencies are now warning that without substantial additional financial contributions, they may need to cease operations - some as early as within a month," the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), wrote in a 3 April report. Titon Mitra, who heads UNAMI's Integrated Coordination Office for Development and Humanitarian Affairs, told IRIN it was "a very serious and real concern"...

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Timeline: The Tortured History of the Senate's Torture Report
By Kara Brandeisky

April 9, 2014 - Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to declassify the executive summary of its report about the CIA's detainee program. It’s been more than five years since the committee announced its review, a period marked by CIA pushback (and potential snooping), indecisiveness from the White House, and objections from committee Republicans. And it will be still more time before the public can actually read a word of the report. Here's what happened....
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Christians: Israeli restrictions spoiling Easter celebrations in Jerusalem every year

April 9, 2014 -A group of Christians from East Jerusalem on Sunday said that Israel's restrictions on Palestinian mobility resulted in violations of religious freedoms. The statement, signed "Palestinian Christian Organizations in Occupied East Jerusalem," complained that Christians are often denied access to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre during the Easter holidays. Each Easter, checkpoints are erected "at the Gates and in the alley, thus preventing the worshipers from free access to the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the vicinity of the Christian Quarter." Israel's restrictions on Palestinian Christians are a part of larger strategy of Judaization in Jerusalem, the statement said...
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How to keep the Palestinian cause alive
Alan Hart

April 9, 2014 - The headline over a presentation by Jews for Justice for Palestinians of the text of a talk given by Norman Finkelstein to a number of British universities in mid-March was The End of Palestine? It’s time to sound an alarm. The purpose of this article is to do just that.In his talk which analysed U.S. Secretary of State Kerry’s peace initiative ("a sham"), Finkelstein explained at length that the Palestinians are on their own because the powers that be in the Western and Arab worlds want them to accept crumbs from Zionism’s table and effectively surrender to Zionism’s will. (I’ve been saying that for ages). He also notes, and I agree, that the Palestinian cause is not as alive and well as it once was in the hearts and minds of the Arab masses, not least because they have troubles of their own...
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Hamas calls for end to PA security coordination with Israel
Ma'an News

April 9, 2014 -- Hamas said on Wednesday that Palestinians in the West Bank should "give full rein" to resistance against the Israeli occupation and end security cooperation with Israel. The moves comes hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered government officials to stop cooperation with Palestinian officials as part of a round of sanctions on the PA as peace negotiations between the two sides stalled in recent days. Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoun said PA President Mahmoud Abbas should take advantage of Netanyahu's decision and end all aspects of security coordination with Israel...
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Edward Snowden: US government spied on human rights workers
Luke Harding

April 9, 2014 - The US has spied on the staff of prominent human rights organisations, Edward Snowden has told the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Europe's top human rights body.Giving evidence via a videolink from Moscow, Snowden said the National Security Agency – for which he worked as a contractor – had deliberately snooped on bodies like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. He told council members: "The NSA has specifically targeted either leaders or staff members in a number of civil and non-governmental organisations … including domestically within the borders of the United States." Snowden did not reveal which groups the NSA had bugged...
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Revealed: Senate report contains new details on CIA black sites
by Jason Leopold

April 9, 2014 - A Senate Intelligence Committee report provides the first official confirmation that the CIA secretly operated a black site prison out of Guantánamo Bay, two U.S. officials who have read portions of the report have told Al Jazeera. The officials — who spoke on condition of anonymity because the 6,600-page report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program remains classified — said top-secret agency documents reveal that at least 10 high-value targets were secretly held and interrogated at Guantánamo’s Camp Echo at various times from late 2003 to 2004. They were then flown to Rabat, Morocco, before being officially sent to the U.S. military’s detention facility at Guantánamo in September 2006...
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Iraq snapshot -April 9, 2014
The Common Ills

April 9, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, a candidate gets banned from the parliamentary elections, Nouri continues to kill civilians by bombing residential neighborhoods, questions about accountability get no answer in today's House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing, and much more....Despite it being a War Crime to target civilian areas (collective punishment), tyrant and thug Nouri al-Maliki continues to do so. NINA reports his bombing of residential neighborhoods in Falluja today killed 7 civilians and left twenty injured. In an update, Alsumaria notes the tolls increased: 9 dead and twenty-three injured. War Crimes. Yesterday, I sat through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and listened to Secretary of State John Kerry prattle on about how the US government is a beacon of hope and leadership. What a joke. The US government has installed and propped up Nouri and now they supply him with the weapons to kill the Iraqi people....

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B’Tselem demands investigation of live gunfire wounding of camera volunteer at Bitunya, 4 April 2014

April 9, 2014 - B’Tselem wrote yesterday to the Military Advocate for Operational Matters and to Israel’s Judea and Samaria District Police demanding that the wounding of Muhammad Basman Yassin be investigated. Yassin, a B’Tselem’s camera project volunteer from the West Bank village of Bil’in, was injured by live ammunition fired by Israeli security forces on Friday 4 April 2014 while filming clashes in Bitunya, near Ofer Military Prison. Yassin was hit in the waist, severely damaging internal organs, especially the liver and a kidney. Yassin was hospitalized in Ramallah Hospital’s ICU. Yesterday, his condition improved somewhat, and he was able to get out of bed...
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When will we put a stop to Shaker Aamer's horrific Guantánamo ordeal?
Clive Stafford Smith

April 9, 2014 -Two nights ago I watched The Railway Man at a local film festival. Afterwards, one of the writers, Andy Paterson, was being interviewed by Jon Ronson, the curator of the event. They discussed how Colin Firth's character, Eric Lomax, had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of his torture by the Japanese during the second world war. Paterson had just returned from Tokyo, where it became clear to him that most Japanese people have not got to grips with what happened on the Thai-Burma railway. I wonder how long it will take us to understand what we are continuing to do to Shaker Aamer in Guantánamo Bay? I have represented Aamer unsuccessfully for a long time, and we have just received the first independent medical evaluation of him in 12 years....
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